- WHY .ORG -
  • .ORG has given a voice to millions of the world’s most trusted organizations
  • .ORG provides a secure and open environment where communities can connect, share ideas, and inspire action that has a positive impact. The world’s most impactful mission-driven organizations and individuals choose .ORG to champion their cause.

- What organizations purchased .org from the aftermarket and how the premium domain was used (2018-2020) -

Initially the .org extension was intended mainly for organizations, particularly not-for-profit organizations. However, for decades anyone can register and use an .org domain name, and it is regularly one of the strongest extensions after .com.


Between Aug 2018 and Dec 2020, there were 536 sales of .ORG in the aftermarket that was at $1,000 USD or above, totalling a $3.1 million turnover. 


Among these 536 sales, 48% had become a fully developed website. 35% were with a 'landing' page or 'coming soon' notice, reserved by known organizations for a strong purpose. 

Profit vs Non-profit

Among the aforesaid domains purchased from the aftermarket, 56% were used by For-Profit organizations. 

Who are those For-Profit organizations?


  • This domain is easy to remember
  • This domain is a perfect 'exact match' for anything about Mozart
  • This domain has proven track record of success (see below)
  • the owner of the .COM version is currently asking for an astronomical price - you may visit their landing page and compare
  • .ORG serves Arts & Culture purposes the best
- Retrospective of this domain -
  • Easy to remember
  • Credible
  • Rich history
  • Eye Catching & Memorable
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